Machine learning powered loan underwriting technology to boost portfolio performance​

Minimize delinquency rates and maximize loan approval rates using the state of the art machine learning technology


Monsoon’s machine learning powered technology enables lenders to:
  – Discover nuanced repayment patterns from their existing loan books (retail & SME)
  – Exploit these patterns to:
   -Identify high-risk applicants likely to be approved & reject them
   -Identify low-risk applicants likely to be rejected & lend to them
 - Augment existing underwriting processes with signals from alternate data
such as mobile records and social media exhaust

Lower Delinquency Rates

Our platform identifies & leverages subtle patterns in borrower & repayment data to cut delinquency rates by 20% to 40%

Increase Approval Rates

Our machine learning powered best-in-class models let you approve up to 25% more loan applications without compromising on asset quality

Lower Turn-around times

By automating credit decisions, pricing and risk management, our technology helps you cut turnaround times to a few seconds per application

Key Features

Our proprietary machine learning powered loan underwriting platform is at the core of the following features:
  •   ML-powered Application level Risk Scorecards
  •   Actionable Portfolio level Analytics for a variety of loan             portfolios
  •   Risk-based Pricing of loans
  •   Advanced risk models for handling NTC, NTB applicants
We also consider rule engine validation and bespoke offerings on a case by case basis.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Monsoon CreditTech’s clients include some of India’s largest private banks, NBFCs and Fintech companies in the credit-plus space. Our technology is used across different loan products ranging from Consumer Durable loans, Personal loans, Four-Wheeler loans, Home loans and Credit lines in the retails space to working capital loans and term loans in the MSME space.

Monsoon CreditTech’s machine learning powered financial data based underwriting model helped reduce the delinquency rates of a leading private bank’s MSME portfolio by 24% while boosting portfolio LLANII by 62%.

Monsoon CreditTech’s alternate data based underwriting models helped a Delhi based NBFC reduce loan delinquencies by 18% and increasing portfolio profitability by 42%.

Monsoon CreditTech’s machine learning powered technology helped bring down the delinquency rates of a stressed personal loan portfolio of a leading FinTech company in North India by 44%.

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